The Church will not take any action in retaliation against a volunteer or employee who, in good faith with a genuine belief that he/she has been harassed, brings or voices a complaint of harassment.


Retaliation is a serious violation of Church policy and applicable law. If you believe you have been subjected to retaliation in violation of this Policy, you should report your complaint immediately in the manner specified in Section B of the Diocesan Policy. A copy of the policy is included near the end of this course.


Individuals will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination if they are found to have retaliated against an individual because such individual

(1) in good faith and with a genuine belief that he/she has been subjected to harassment, made an honest complaint about such conduct,

(2) participated honestly and in good faith in any investigation into a harassment complaint, and/or

(3) in good faith opposed acts of harassment.

* Name 3 people a report  to who a report may be made.

 * Are you required to make a report if you suspect sexual harassment?



Please click on: Forms and Diocesan Policy for Harassment Prevention

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