Prevention: Myths and Facts


MYTH: Only women are sexually harassed.

FACT:  Both men and women experience harassment.


MYTH: The seriousness of sexual harassment has been exaggerated; most  harassment is only harmless flirtation.

FACT: Sexual harassment can be devastating. The difference between good-natured harmless fun and sexual harassment is how it makes the other person feel. If your conduct makes another feel uncomfortable or angry, it may be sexual harassment.


MYTH: Many women make up and report stories of sexual harassment to get back at their employers or others who have angered them.

FACT: Research shows that less than one percent of complaints are false.


MYTH: Women who are sexually harassed generally provoke harassment by the way they look, dress and behave.

FACT: Harassment does not occur because women dress provocatively or initiate sexual activity in the hope of getting promoted and advancing their careers.


MYTH: Workers must demonstrate a loss of income or psychological injury in order to file a complaint about harassment.

FACT: The worker must only demonstrate that the workplace environment is hostile.


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