Prevention: Checking Your Behavior


We as Christians view the Church as God’s house, a safe haven for all. Sexual harassment can be subtle; a risque joke or innuendo, an unwelcome touch or kiss. Sexual harassment can also be blatant fondling or seduction. The only true test for harassment is how the person on the receiving end (or in the nearby vicinity)  feels about the conduct. In other words, what you view as harassment may not be a problem for someone else.


An honest assessment of one’s personal boundaries will expedite awareness of an impending problem. The more we believe that we are not vulnerable and susceptible to sexual misconduct the greater the danger. Do not ignore warning signs in your own life.

Some questions to ask yourself to help you determine whether you may be acting in a manner that could be construed as harassment are:

  • Would you say/do the same thing if your spouse or significant partner was nearby?
  • Would you feel comfortable if your comments or behavior were reported in your congregational newsletter?
  • Would you feel differently if the same behavior or comments were directed at you or someone you care about?


Please click on: Session V : Reporting




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