Quiz for Prevention of Harassment

As soon as you finish the quiz you will be finished with this training. The quiz results will be sent to saferchurch and you will receive your Certificate of Training within two days.

If you don’t get 100% the first time, you can simply go back and take it over.

Thank you for your interest in the church. Your ministry makes a difference to those you serve.

May God bless you.

7 Responses to Quiz for Prevention of Harassment

  1. Virginia McNeely says:

    I’ve had sexual harassment training in a work site many times, and I found this training hit all of the important points. Thanks for putting it on line.

  2. I am a diversity and sexual harrassement trainer and found this information valuable. I would also recommend taking the other class offered on line too.

  3. Todd Warner says:

    Your answer to question # 12 is incorrect. A hostile work environment can exist even when work performance is not affected.

  4. Charles Rouse says:

    I have a good friend from college days. The issue of sexual harassment was in the news and I was talking to her on the phone. She said something like, “When I was younger, I never worked anywhere that the bosses didn’t hit on me.” I was shocked but certainly I believed her. As to how much of that sank to the level of definitional harassment is covered by this course. The point being that us men can be pretty much unaware of what someone else is going through.

  5. Alvern Townsend says:

    good program

  6. Alvern Townsend says:

    This training hits all of the important points. Makes you think!

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