Prevention of Harassment

This course will meet the training requirement for Preventing Harassment (including sexual harassment) for the  Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Northern California.

There are four learning sessions for this course. They include:

  1. Introductions and History
  2. Definitions
  3. Effects of Sexual Harassment
  4. Prevention Strategies
  5. Reporting Procedures

There will be questions asked throughout each session which will be on the quiz at the end. Pay attention to the questions throughout the training because these will make up the quiz at the end.  We want you to learn the information  and we want you to succeed so you can get back to doing your ministry.

You will get a Certificate of Training within three days via e-mail.

Please take the Certificate  of Training to the person in your church or organization that keeps these records.  In the unlikely event you misplace your certificate you can e-mail and ask for a replacement. Saferchurch keeps an online database of everyone who took the courses.

* Limitations of this training

This course does not meet the criteria for the California Sexual Harassment Training mandate. If your church has over 50 employees it would have to provide two-hour sexual harassment training for supervisors at least once every two years to comply with AB 1825.


Please click on Session I: Introduction and History


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