Guidelines: Personal


“And the second commandment is like the first; you shall love your neighbor as you love yourself” (Mt 22:39).

Clergy and others in pastoral leadership tend to pay attention to the first part of that commandment and ignore the second. Sometimes it seems as if the notion of loving ourselves is considered selfish. Self care is an obligation. It means doing things that will nourish our bodies and souls:

Take time every day to

  • Pray and nourish your own relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Spend time with your family
  • Develop friends outside the church
  • Seek appropriate professional support and services as the need arises

*How  long does an applicant need to be known to the leadership of the congregation before he or she can exercise the ministry of a pastoral leader?

*Does a person who transfers within the Diocese of Northern California have to undergo the same screening process in his or her new church?  

*How often do I need to take this training?  

* Is it appropriate to meet at a place like Starbucks with a person with whom you have a Pastoral Relationship? 

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