Definitions: Ministerial Leadership Positions

Sexual exploitation is the development or attempted development of a sexual or romantic relationship between a person in any ministerial position, lay or ordained, and an individual with whom he or she has a Pastoral Relationship, whether or not there is apparent consent from the individual.

For purposes of this training, ministerial positions, lay or ordained, include the following:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Clergy
  • Choir director
  • Deacon
  • EFM leader
  • Eucharisitic Visitor
  • Nursery Supervisor
  • Secretary
  • Sexton
  • Spritual Director
  • Stephen Minister
  • Sunday School Director or Superintendent
  • Sunday School Teacher
  • Treasurer
  • Vestry Member
  • Vestry Officer
  • Camp: staff  cooks, medics, counselors, session leaders, and volunteers
  • Cursillo – Rector(a)
  • Search – Adult leader, Rector(a)
  • Vocare- Leader, Rector(a)
  • Diocesan Boards: Corpus, Belfry, ECS, Foundation, NPCC, Schools
  • Diocesan Council
  • Office of Bishop Staff
  • Program Committees
  • Standing Committe
  • Trustees
  • Licensed Lay Ministers under  Canon III.4: Pastoral Leaders, Worship Leaders, Preachers, Eucharistic Visitors, and Catechists.


*Does a ministerial position apply to only  ordained ministers?

* Do these policies only apply to paid personnel?

* List 4 types of ministerial positions.



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