Forms and Diocesan Policy for Exploitation Prevention

Congratulations! You have finished the training course.

In a few moments you will be able to take a quiz. The quiz will automatically be sent in and you will be e-mailed a copy of your Certificate of Training within two days. Print it out and bring the Certificate to your rector or organizational leader so they can put in your file.

Other forms you may need are provided here by clicking on the link. These forms should also be available in your church office, but if you need one just print it out and bring it to your rector or organizational leader.

1. Screening Form

2. Code of Conduct

3. Record of Contact

4. Covenant for Sexual Responsibility

5. Information on background checks, DMV check, or a credit check

6. Confidential Notice of Concern if you want to file a complaint

A copy of the diocesan policy can be found here.

You are almost done. Click on  Quiz to continue. 


The password you will need for the quiz is  bishop.

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