To whom do you report?

A mandated reporter shall make a report when he or she observes, knows or has reasonable suspicion that a child has been the victim of abuse or neglect.

Reasonable suspicion means that it is objectively reasonable for a person to entertain a suspicion, based upon the fact that could cause a reasonable person in a like position, drawing, when appropriate, on his or her training and experience, to suspect child abuse or neglect.

If in doubt consult with Child Protective Services.

If child abuse is suspected, the mandated reporter is to report according to the following criteria:

  • abuse by a family member: report to Child Protective Services.
  • abuse by a non-family member: report to Law Enforcement agency where abuse occurred.


Click on How to make  a report

* If child abuse by a family member is suspected do you make a report to Child Protective Services or to local law enforcement? 


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