Behavioral Indicators


Physical Abuse

  • Hostile or aggressive behavior toward others
  • Extreme fear or withdrawn behavior around others
  • Destructiveness (breaks windows, sets fires, etc.)
  • Verbal abusiveness
  • Out-of-control behavior (angry, panics, easily agitated)
  • Overly compliant behavior


  • Clingy or indiscriminate attachment
  • Self imposed isolation
  • Depression or passivity

Sexual Abuse

  • Sexualized behavior (has precocious knowledge of explicit sexual behavior and engages self or others in overt or repetitive sexual behavior)
  • Hostility or aggression
  • Fearfulness or withdrawn
  • Self-destructiveness (self-mutilates)
  • Pseudo-maturity (seems mature beyond chronological age)
  • Eating disorders
  • Alcoholism/drug abus
  • Running away
  • Promiscuity

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