What training do you need?

You will find information about what kind of training you will need, as well as additional information about background checks, DMV checks or credit checks by clicking on training chart.

Click here for information about obtaining a background check.

After you find out what training you need  

  1. come back to this page
  2. click the Buy Now button above the course you wish to sign up for (there is a $5.00 for each course)
  3. you will be directed to a PayPal site where you can pay with PayPal or a credit card
  4. After payment you will be taken to a page you can begin the course.
*IMPORTANT*  You will have to select the ‘redirect to saferchurch’ link on the PayPal page after you complete your payment. If there is a problem and are not  redirected,  all you have to do is  click on the “Thank you” link on the right side of the page  of the   saferchurch.com website.  You might want to write down http://saferchurch.com in case you get off the site somehow so you can easily return here. 


Cost: $5.00 per course

      Prevention of Sexual Exploitation

    Prevention of Child Abuse

   Prevention of Sexual Harassment




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