Welcome to the Safer Church online training site.  This site was  was developed so that people like you could get easy and quick access to the training for prevention of:

  • child abuse
  • sexual exploitation
  • sexual harassment


We are all working together to make our churches the safest places they can be so that you can do the ministry you feel called to do. Your presence here is an indication that you are someone who cares about your church or organization, that you spend time trying to be the hands and heart of Jesus Christ in the world today.

This training is good for five years.

Thank you.

Navigating this website: click on the link at the bottom of each page. That link will direct you to the next page.

Please e-mail me anytime if you need help with this site.  The e-mail is saferchurch@gmail.com.


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7 Responses to Welcome

  1. The Rev. Dr. Matthew Lawrence says:

    If a member of my congregation takes this online training, how will I know when they’ve completed the training? Is there some kind of automatic reporting method? Do they need to know my email address before they take it? ML+

  2. Kristin Iverson, St. Peter's, Red Bluff says:

    We have 2 ladies taking the online training together. $5 was paid by credit card. Do both ladies need to make payments even though they went through the training together?

    • admin says:

      The certificates are issued after someone completes the quiz at the end of a course. Only one name can be entered as a name for the online quiz portion. They would each have to take the quiz individually to get a certificate of training.

  3. Joy M. Bidlack says:

    I’m Third Order of St Francis (TSSF) counselor and Area Chaplain. I have taken this course before when I was on Vestry. And, as a public school teacher in New York State I was required to take a course much like this every year of my thirty-four year career. I’m looking forward to doing this course on-line. That seems a much more concise way to impart the necessary information.

  4. How long does the online training take to complete? How many hours should people put aside? Can the training be completed over several online sessions?

    • admin says:

      The training can be completed over several sessions. Instructions on how to login again are included in the instructions. Each course probably averages an hour to complete.

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